X-300S Construction Page

A Great Planes kit designed for the .40 size engine.   Installed the OS Surpass 70 engine.  Modified the original plans by enlarging the fuel tank area so the tank will be in the right position and installed the OS 70 engine. Great Planes instruction book helped a great deal in the construction of this model aircraft.

I covered the plane with white Century 21 and trimming in red. The cowl and wheel pants are from Stan's Fiber Tech and were of quality. To see the Color and Design I picked Click here Finished in January 1998. To see completed aircraft Click here. 

For a close up of the photos click on the picture with the blue borders. To see how the canopy was colored.. click on the pic of the canopy...


On the ramp                                   Side View                                 Side view


Bottom view                                   Top view                                  Smoked Canopy


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