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This is my Big John Bipe (Deceased). 
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Aeromaster Clickhere  (Sold)

The Beast Click here (Deseased)

The Beast from the black lagoon Click here  (Deseased)

The Panama Beast Click here

Big John Bipe Click here  (Deseased)

Floyd with Big John at Castle AFB IMAA meet Click here

Enduro Click here  (Deseased)

Dragon Lady Click here

Funster Click here  (Deseased)

The Funtana 90 Click here

Hot Dawg   Click here;(Sold)

RearWin Speedster

RearWin Speedster(Construction photos) Click here

Spezio Tu-Holer   Click here;

Schneider Sport 120  Click here

Son of a Beast (SOB)   Click here

Spook  Click here

Starlite Click here

Ugly Stick Click here  (Deseased)

Ultimate Bipe Click here  (Deseased)

Utimate Bibe Click here  (Deseased)

X300L 3D   Click here  (Deseased)

X300S (Construction photos) Clickhere

X300S ( Completed) Clickhere  (Deseased)

Zagi   Click here

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Updated Dec 26 2015