6127th Air Terminal Group (315th Air Division)

6127th Air Terminal Group, Hq Detachment

The 6127th ATG detachments loaded and unloaded tons of Combat Cargo from aircraft per day. Assisted in the air evacuation of the sick and wounded and assisted in the transportation for the Rest and Recuperation program. Combat Cargo Division transports operated in both the logistical and tactical roles, delivering cargo and personnel to airfields in Korea and airdropping supplies to ground units. Air evacuation of casualties was a major Combat Cargo mission, as wounded soldiers and Marines were airlifted to hospitals in Japan aboard returning transports..


The following web pages of memories of my assignments to the 6127th Air Terminal Group that I want to share with those who served with me.. I was a Member of 6127th ATG Hq Det Japan J-1, Ashiya from Oct 1951 to Oct 1952. In Oct 1952 I was transferred to Det 20 at K-47, Chunchon and rotated to the US in April 1953.

Floyd Skoubo.



Click here for pics of the 6127th ATG in Japan.

Click here for pics of the 6127th ATG in Korea.

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